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From the Editor, Summer Solstice Anno Vo

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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Times are changing, and with them the need for new knowledge, new delicate threads in the fabric of the mind, soul, spirit. Fortunately, the light of Western esotericism and the fire of divine knowledge can be easily transferred, taking into account the benefit of current communications and availability of materials. Recognizing the needs and gaps in the Macedonian esoteric milieu, this summer’s edition of Samekh (which also represents the second edition of our magazine published by ALEF Skopje) presents contents for which you have to be prepared ahead, because their nature is such that it will take your breath away, again. This statement is not idle, but rather a sustained and positive course in every aspect, because the topics covered in this edition will not only turn the spotlight on issues that teased your curiosity, but give answers to the same, sound and factually based words, which despite their power to solidly upgrade your theoretical structures, provide updates regarding the particularly important practical aspects of magick, which we plan to deepen in the next issues of the magazine. Contents transferred by this, and indeed by every previous and likely future editions of Samekh are a timeless (at least in the context of the New Aeon) source of information, even for generations of curious magickians who will come after us. They are there in the service of enlightenment.

The text of Frater Aish Mlchmh "From Gold Forge Steel!" is exactly like "1000 Why - 1000 Because" regarding the Gnostic Mass. He discusses the first third of the central ritual of the O.T.O., deconstructing in painstaking details and through synthetic symbolism the necessary elements of temple furnishings and the performance part of the Mass, until the upraising of the "Virgin pure without spot" to "the summit of the Earth." His Kabbalistic knowledge applied to Crowley’s ritual genius will convince you in the fact that the Prophet was really good at his "job", and still manages to convey feverish desire for exploration and learning of the science of magick to generations that came after him.

This Samekh also provides a unique opportunity to get acquainted with two less researched books from the Holy Books of Thelema class, through the articles of Robert C. Stein, "Review of Liber CCXXXI" and R. Leo Gillis on "Trigrammaton Kabbalah".

The practical part of magick, which we intend to seriously address in the future, is covered by yet another article by Robert C. Stein, "Orientation to Ritual", which elaborates on a number of key questions about "positioning at work", and eliminates many puzzling instructions regarding movement given in the documents that treat practice. Also, but in this case on a very particular topic, David Richard Jones explains "The Formulae of the Unicursal Hexagram” in a way that will not only help you understand the Ritual of the Hexagram, but maybe even give you directions on how to create rituals of your own.

At the beginning of this editorial I used words that are suggestive of the Prometheus myth, the Titan who decisively stole the Olympic fire from the gods to bring it to the people. To that end, in this issue of Samekh we present the artistic designs of Frater Alatus Vigil, which visually process the myth of the Titan who deserved punishment equal to the "crime" he committed against the Olympians.

We exclude the possibility that the themes covered in this Samekh are complementary by accident and believe that our labors are duly rewarded with the establishment of a coherent and understandably connected whole. We hope that our readers will benefit from the divine fire and extend a well-deserved gratitude to our team of translators for translating the flame and validating its universality.

Love is the law, love under will.


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