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From the Editor, Summer Solstice Anno Vo

Times are changing, and with them the need for new knowledge, new delicate threads in the fabric of the mind, soul, spirit. Fortunately, the light of Western esotericism and the fire of divine knowledge can be easily transferred, taking into account the benefit of current communications and availability of materials. Recognizing the needs and gaps in the Macedonian esoteric milieu, this summer’s edition of Samekh (which also represents the second edition of our magazine published by ALEF Skopje) presents contents for which you have to be prepared ahead, because their nature is such that it will take your breath away, again. This statement is not idle, but rather a sustained and positive course in every aspect, because the topics covered in this edition will not only turn the spotlight on issues that teased your curiosity, but give answers to the same, sound and factually based words, which despite their power to solidly upgrade your theoretical structures, provide updates regarding the particularly important practical aspects of magick, which we plan to deepen in the next issues of the magazine. Contents transferred by this, and indeed by every previous and likely future editions of Samekh are a timeless (at least in the context of the New Aeon) source of information, even for generations of curious magickians who will come after us. They are there in the service of enlightenment.


Volume II Number 2, Summer Solstice Anno Vo

Our friends from the CASPPWET ALEF Skopje have published their 2nd issue of our Oasis' magazine Samekh (our 5th so far).

This Vol.II No.2 Summer Solstice issue contains the following exquisite articles:

Frater Aish Mlchmh - "From Gold forge Steel"
David Richard Jones - "On the Formulae of the Unicursal Hexagram"
Robert C. Stein - "A consideration of Liber CCXXXI"
Robert C. Stein - "Orientation in Ritual"
R. Leo Gillis - "Trigrammaton Qabalah"

as well as articles by our Local Body Master, Frater SiLVeSTeR, and wonderful illustrations by our young and talented Frater Alatus Vigil.

Secret Fire Oasis and ALEF Skopje would like to thank the translators Soror Istikharah, Frater Aemeth and Frater Fion for their invaluable assistance.

Other contents include:

- Message from the Editor of Samekh
- Message from the Master of Secret Fire Oasis
- Other recent book editions advertisement

From the Master, Summer Solstice Anno Vo

The Order does not need too much money. The Order needs to be creative. Ultimately, this depends on the membership. As a Master of this Body I have given absolute freedom for creativity from the very outset and I am trying to focus all our efforts in that direction to this date. I am firmly convinced that the individual talents of our active members are the thing which will bring prosperity to the Oasis. It is the only resource that we can safely rely upon for the future.


Frater Silvester: Male Talk

My will is to write an article on knightly virtue and chastity. From the very beginning I want to refer to the etymological root of the English words virtue and chastity. According to Crowley, the word virtue derives from the Latin virtus, quality of masculinity. Peter Paul Rubens’ painting of Mars being crowned by Nike (victory) depicts him as a champion of virtue. Interestingly enough for us in Macedonia, the Sanskrit word for virtue is Sila, which is Macedonian for force. The word chastity, on the other hand, derives from castrum, meaning a fortified camp or even a castle. Unfortunately, the true meaning of these words in modern language is deformed by the Black School, so the word virtue nowadays implies negation of all qualities of manhood and chastity simply means purity or passive virginity in the most miserable sense.


Volume II Number 1, Spring Equinox Anno Vo

We have published the latest issue of Samekh, containing 40 pages of academic papers and scholarly articles by Marco Pasi, Egil Asprem and Jesper Aagaard Petersen.

- The Modernity of Occultism: Reflections on Some Crucial Aspects
- Kabbalah Recreata: Reception and Adaptation of Kabbalah in Modern Occultism
- Magic Naturalized? Negotiating Science and Occult Experience in Aleister Crowley’s Scientific Illuminism
- Megapolisomancy: Metaphor and Magic in the Metropolis

The editors would especially like to thank our Sorores Chasmodai and Istikharah who helped with the Macedonian translations.

Mrs. Cleone Cull gave us kind permission for reproducing her "The Secret Fire" pastel and ink series of paintings (Inside the Alchemist, A Place of Power, Bridging Heaven and Earth, The Path of the Serpent).

Other contents include:

- Message from the Editor of Samekh
- Message from the Master of Secret Fire Oasis
- Announcement of Lon Milo's "Gentle Heretic" European tour in 2014 e.v.
- Macedonian translation of Liber 333 to be promoted at the annual Book Fair in Skopje, Macedonia 08-14.04.2014 e.v.
- Other recent book editions advertisement

From the Editor, Spring Equinox Anno Vo

The improvement of Samekh, the quarterly magazine of the Secret Fire Oasis is spiral, or in essence, the headway does not stop with the completion of a cycle. This statement is especially reflected in the progress from the initial issue to the present, first issue of the second volume of the magazine. The applied method of science, with a unique aim towards progressive spiritual growth is already a visible element and an attribute of this small but immensely rich magazine. Everything that’s been said is resolutely based in endurance and the efforts to present content that steps out of the ordinary by its nature and advancement in terms of the theories, hypotheses and the thoughts expressed within, that continuously inspire the reader to seek and explore and even more so, rediscover anew truths hidden in the old scribbles. The adjective that best describes Samekh is “brave” – a magazine for brave magicians who assiduously evolve and transform on their way towards the Sun.


From the Master, Spring Equinox Anno Vo

One key advantage of this period of trials is the collaborative preparation of the Oasis’ Rules of Procedure, which is an internal document of the Body received by all members, including Minervals as our welcome guests. Finally, as a sincere and brotherly advice to all members of our little group, whether we are fully aware of our own behavior in a given moment, it is always good to open up the last pages of the Magickal Diary and make an objective self-analysis. Conclusions can sometimes surprise us. Remember your Oaths and do not forget your Tasks. Connect Word and Deed, because they are essentially one. "Therefore by their fruits you will know them." Matthew 7:20.



Under the International Standard Serial Number system data records of titles of publications, Samekh journal is assigned :

ISSN 1857-9124

It will be printed with a barcode on the front cover.

By assigning an ISSN number and submitting other relavant bibliographic data to the ISSN International Centre in Paris, our journal is included in the International ISSN Register database.

Frater Silvester: Of Will & Love

And so we train the Will, and inflame the Love until they are perfected, until we are perfected, and until we get so accustomed in using these tools that they become integral parts of us, extensions of our Being, almost like prostheses, that we may employ in accomplishing the Great Work. But Love is under Will, and it makes so much sense, because one can rarely attain by pure aspiration only, at least through this method.

We are in the business of training the Will. We are in the business of inflaming the Love.


Volume I Number 3, Winter Solstice Anno IVxxi

We have published the latest issue of Samekh, containing 54 pages of inspiring and scholarly articles by Lita Louise-Chappell, Gordan Djurdjevic, Graham Hancock, Timothy O'Neill, Rodney Orpheus, Rupert Sheldrake and Shiva X°. The editors would especially like to thank our Soror Chasmodai and Frater Aemeth who helped with the Macedonian translations.

- Crowley’s “The Ship” A Grand Premiere — A Mystery Play Revealed
- The Birth Of The New Aeon: Magick And Mysticism Of Thelema From The Perspective Of Postmodern A/Theology
- Giving Up The Green Bitch: Reflections On Cannabis, Ayahuasca And The Mystery Of Plant Teachers
- Dark Storm Rising Ii
- A New And Greater Pagan Cult: Gerald Gardner & Ordo Templi Orientis
- Setting Science Free From Materialism
- Aurora Australis: Topological Reflections On The Modern M.’.M.’.M.’. In Australia

Other contents include:

- Message from the Editor of Samekh
- Message from the Master of Secret Fire Oasis
- Article by Frater Silvester
- Announcement of Lon Milo's "Gentle Heretic" European tour in 2014 e.v.
- Book advertisement

From the Editor, Winter Solstice Anno IVxxi

Having said that, 2013 will be remembered as our founding year, the one in which we managed to get on our feet, be heard and seen in the wider O.T.O. community, the year in which we established Work as our principle and assigned changeable roles to our active members. Everyone gets a chance to be heard in our little group of reliable and hardworking people, so we planned intensively with the individual involvement of those that presented us with ideas for development and growth of the Body. Thus, we set yet another goal to legalize the organization and settle the official status in order to gain more freedom in expression, especially in the endeavors of public appearances and promulgation of the Law


From the Master, Winter Solstice Anno IVxxi

In my opinion, being an Initiate of the O.T.O. now demands a comprehensive set of skills that combine and manage many diverse fields. Producing information that people want and need has gone way beyond the individual psychological processes. Deeper understanding of the sociological and especially cultural experiences are key to promulgating the Law of Thelema.


M.M.: There Is No God but Man

“And Satan is worshipped by men under the name of Jesus; and Lucifer is worshipped by men under the name of Brahma; and Leviathan is worshipped by men under the name of Allah; and Belial is worshipped by men under the name of Buddha.”

Liber CCCCXVIII, 3rd Æthyr.


Volume I Number 2, Autumnal Equinox Anno IVxxi

This 60 pages long issue mostly contains Macedonian translations of articles already published in The Fenris Wolf, edited by Carl Abrahamsson and published by Edda Publishing, featuring the following authors: Carl Abrahamsson, Gary Dickinson, Kendell Geers, William E. Heidrick, Frater Nigris, Timothy O'Neill and Rodney Orpheus:

- Babalon: The Psychology оf Supra-Sexual Transformation
- An Orient Pearl
- Tripping over Darwin’s Hangover
- Some Crowley Sources
- A Preliminary Vision to a Relationship with Ordo Templi Orientis
- The Technology of Civilization One and the Astral-Causal Machine
- Thelemic Morality

What makes this issue unique are the original articles, contributed especially for Samekh by the esteemed Kjetil Fjell and Marko Milenović:

- The Way to Succeed and the Way to Break Eggs
- There Is No God but Man

Other contents include:

- Cover art by Soror Nia
- Message from the Editor of Samekh
- Message from the Master of Secret Fire Oasis
- Advert: Edda Publishing
- Artwork by Soror Istikharah
- 10 Year Jubilee
- Oath of Encampment
- Liber Oz
- Advert: 4 new Thelemic books published in Macedonia

From the Master, Autumnal Equinox Anno IVxxi

Completely unrelated, let me be clear: while learning the correspondences of Liber 777 may or may not contribute to you being an accomplished Magickian, it does not make you a Thelemite and is not a necessary prerequisite for becoming one. You are mostly left alone to figure out, on your own, what being a Thelemite is and what it means for you, but this process certainly involves acceptance of the Book of the Law and the Holy Books of Thelema (Class A documents), always referring to the commentaries of the Master Therion and not trying to impose your understanding of them unto others. Yes, it is that simple.

Initiation and the whole 93 Current is very powerful and can be a shock to the unprepared. Take heed at my warning and try to objectively reassess and reexamine your actions and behavior in general, close your ranks and fortify yourselves, otherwise we may yet see other, more serious consequences that will affect us all on a much larger scale.


Stojan Nikolić: 10 Year Jubilee

Stojan Nikolić: "On the 4th of August 2003 e.v. I took my Minerval degree. Today I celebrate my ten year jubilee."

Life and Liberty are threatened everywhere. We need a Watchword and a Banner for the battle. We need a Principle on which to reconstruct. And so: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. If you want Freedom, you must fight. If you want to fight, you must organize. If you want to organize, contact Ordo Templi Orientis.


Volume I Number 1, Summer Solstice Anno IVxxi

This issue contains Macedonian translations of articles by the following authors: James Wasserman, Carl Abrahamsson, Rodney Orpheus, Tom Allen:

- Political Liberty as a Spiritual Value
- Art With High Intent
- Great Female Magical Writers
- Occult Aesthesis: Towards An Esoteric Theory of the Art Object

Other contents include:

- Message from the Editor of Samekh
- Message from the Master of Secret Fire Oasis
- Astrology and Tarot Connections
- Even Flow [Some Notes on Pratyahara & Dharana]
- Resh Haiku
- Traditional Magick Recipe
- Letter to the Brothers & Sisters

From the Editor, Summer Solstice Anno IVxxi

To be devoted means to invest unselfishly every part of our being so that the ideas for which we strive may see the light of day. To search diligently for the ideal following the individual path during which we may be faced with the startling eyes of the shadows and the jaws of the grayness for which the sole antidote is called WORK. The individual effort is the seed of Devotion and that link is rounded in a circle – the fruits are also in the roots. By each thread we pull we weave the big banner of Freedom.


From the Master, Summer Solstice Anno IVxxi

The work we do is important. To paraphrase the famous Macedonian reformer, Dr. Krste Misirkov, “What have we accomplished and what remains to be accomplished in the future?” In a word, we now have a fully functional O.T.O. Body in Macedonia, the Secret Fire Oasis from Skopje. By “fully functional” we understand a Temple, regular (biweekly) celebrations of the Gnostic Mass, regular (quarterly) Initiations into Degrees from Minerval to the IIIrd, regular (quarterly) public lectures and/or members-only workshops, active internet presence through a website, blog and the social media (Facebook & Twitter), as well as regular (quarterly) publishing of this periodical. These are no small accomplishments having in mind they were done in less than a year, starting from scratch, by only a handful of people. But we’ve had help and can expect even more in the future. We can only hope that one day we’ll be able to return the favor and help others in their times of need.


Issue 0, Spring Equinox Anno IVxxi

This premier issue contains Macedonian translations of articles by the following authors: Bill Heidrick, James Wasserman, Carl Abrahamsson, IAO131, John ’Ash‘ Bowie and Heptagram XI:

- The Middle Pillar ritual as an individual and group working, from the book In the Centre of the Fire
- Thelema & Politics
- Thelema & Religion
- A Synthetic Epistle on Liber Resh
- The Four Ideal Character Traits of the O.T.O. Initiate
- Thelemic Compassion

Other contents include:

- Message from the Editor of Samekh
- Message from the Master of Secret Fire Oasis
- Book promotion In the Centre of the Fire
- Book promotion Fenris Wolf 5
- Announcement for the European O.T.O. Conference OTOK IV:XXI
- Advertisement for the Macedonian translations of Liber 777 and Liber 111
- Calendar of Secret Fire Oasis events from Spring Equinox to Summer Solstice Anno IVxxi
- In Memoriam Frater Lucidus

From the Editor, Spring Equinox Anno IVxxi

Coming to the core of our efforts, the intent of this quarterly magazine consists in supporting joint work for promulgation of the Law, centering knowledge and information on the supporting pillar of Fraternal and Sororal labor for promulgating the Law of Thelema in Macedonia. Samekh as a wide beam of light takes for its task also the enlightenment of seekers, supporting them on their path and illuminating them through that which will be offered as content. In a way, all of us who will help to create each subsequent issue of the magazine will in fact work to create a manual for Thelemites which they themselves can complement.


From the Master, Spring Equinox Anno IVxxi

Last year, Anno XXxx, we experienced so many things for the first time: facing the untimely death of one of our distinguished Brothers, publishing the Macedonian translations of two important books, 777 and 111, attending a public lecture on Thelema and Magick for the first time in Macedonia and also for the first time conducting the Gnostic Mass with the help of our dear Brothers and Sisters from Serbia, and finally the two O.T.O. Camps in Skopje and Bitola transforming into Oases. While this may be characterized as the end of our beginning, we must not even for a moment forget where we are, and that is still not much further from the beginning. Before all of us stands some very hard work to be done. One of the biggest challenges of leadership is the motivation of those responsible for, because he offered himself and was elected to serve. Therefore I urge you to be brave and determined, persevering and consistent. I invite you to fix banal mutual squabbles and disagreements, to be true Brothers and Sisters in spirit and in body. True leaders do not create followers, but leaders, even more so within Thelema.


The Logo

Frater Archanon was kind to design a logo for the Samekh Magazine.

Logo Samekh Magazine

The Magazine

Logo Samekh Magazine

Samekh is a quarterly magazine issued by the Secret Fire Oasis, written in Macedonian language and published online in the form of a .pdf document at the Spring & Autumn Equinoxes and the Summer & Winter Solstices. Also, selected articles are published electronically as a blog.