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From the Editor, Spring Equinox Anno IVxxi

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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

An ancient legend of the Magi says the letter Samekh represented the infinite and all-uplifting spiral of the Divine Glow in the Universe, inspiring tranquility through the sense of lofty Omnipresence, & support and shelter arising therefrom. Its cyclic shape provides room for multiple interpretations, and the smallest discourse imperceptibly elevates us up the golden threads of the spiral.

But Samekh has another, more appropriate meaning for this occasion. The fundament of its nature, besides cyclical, can be perceived if Samekh is viewed as a Supporting Pillar, Staff that holds the structure. And as Samekh directs the crossbow to the Sun, centering the movement of the arrow in a single direction, and supports in balance the Pathways to the Heart, so too this small Samekh of letters flames in the hope that it will grow into a pillar of the Thelemic community in Macedonia, uniting individual aspirations for the service of knowledge in a single, aimed and supported pillar whose top courageously finishes in the common goal.

Coming to the core of our efforts, the intent of this quarterly magazine consists in supporting joint work for promulgation of the Law, centering knowledge and information on the supporting pillar of Fraternal and Sororal labor for promulgating the Law of Thelema in Macedonia. Samekh as a wide beam of light takes for its task also the enlightenment of seekers, supporting them on their path and illuminating them through that which will be offered as content. In a way, all of us who will help to create each subsequent issue of the magazine will in fact work to create a manual for Thelemites which they themselves can complement.

As a collaborative work, the magazine would consider each individual labor welcomed, and any attempt to contribute essential. Finally Samekh will attempt to synthesize our individual knowledge in a supporting leverage on the path to our already expressed goal - which we will try to localize and to convey onto the Brothers and Sisters of our region.

Love is the law, love under will.

Soror Nia

Spring Equinox Anno IVxxi

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