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From the Editor, Summer Solstice Anno IVxxi

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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Following the path of creation, we started from 0 placing the foundations of a small magazine for which we hope to shine at least a little ray of light over the questions for which we seek answers and inspire Will for further work with joined forces. Untangling ourselves from the perplexities of a hundred mundane puzzles we are already brought to the number 1 which contains the essence of the zero in itself but also radiates on its own.

Three months have passed since the initial issue of Samekh but also, another three months of shared work, togetherness and energetic conveyance of the ideas. The basics are already set and it is time to build over them the structure of the temple of Free men.

But, the combined efforts are only a tiny portion of the search for peace, tolerance and truth. Everything starts from the individual, from that single unit that is a pillar of the Order and the entire society. Perhaps in the previous issue I stressed out the significance of group work, but now I am emphasizing the individual one – out of which bud all jewels in our magical surrounding.

To be devoted means to invest unselfishly every part of our being so that the ideas for which we strive may see the light of day. To search diligently for the ideal following the individual path during which we may be faced with the startling eyes of the shadows and the jaws of the grayness for which the sole antidote is called WORK. The individual effort is the seed of Devotion and that link is rounded in a circle – the fruits are also in the roots. By each thread we pull we weave the big banner of Freedom.

But not everything needs to be wrapped in metaphor and symbols. The Task is plain; its beginning is in the comprehension of our own capacities and the establishment of our own priorities. Perhaps it will sound too harsh to say, but we have a Duty towards ourselves and humanity to work selflessly towards the lifting of the veil of ignorance and the bonds of the dogma. Starting from ourselves, with the simplest words, we have already completed the largest part of the efforts to our mutual aim.

What I am alluding to is that the numerous activities and contents offered for such a short time within our Oasis, after years of silence, wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the Devotion of the individual. For the entire time of organization and conduction we had the chance to witness the courage and perseverance of many Brothers and Sisters who invested themselves in the creation of a Body that now can compare to other similar organizations in the world.

According to that analogy of the aforesaid “path of creation” in this issue of Samekh we tried to better show the Devotion of the Brotherhood. On the pages bellow the reader will be able to notice the sparks of Genius glimmering from the works of fellow Freedom soldiers. The execution of the idea is far from perfect but its form is starting to shape by the help of devoted Free men who’ve recognized their Duty.

Love is the law, love under will.


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