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From the Editor, Winter Solstice Anno IVxxi

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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The past year has been one of dilligent and rewarding work for all our members. We managed to realize all of the goals set within the Body, we succeeded to promulgate the Law and inaugurate an environment that will serve as a basis for future endeavors. At times it seemed hard but the obstacles were overcome by conjoint teamwork and respect for each one’s abilities to contribute in the grander scheme of things within the cozy atmosphere of our little Local Body. Certainly, all of our efforts paid off and we could observe the transformation of the group which was long sought for.

During 2013 we established a routine for biweekly Gnostic Mass practice, and even though none of our members are ordained Priests, Priestesses or Deacons of the Church, the accomplishment was nonetheless palpable. The Gnostic Mass Temple was fully equipped by the donations of our members, additional robes were made for the participants and the play was refined. Moreover we had several sessions of Initiations, for all degrees within the Man of Earth triad, including the reception of a few new members which instantaneously blended in the community and started contributing as well. One public lecture on Astrology was organized during the summer of 2013 in which participated both members and respected friends of the Order. The Local Body hosted workshops for those interested in learning more either about the Initiations they took or the additional works presented in their study guides. This small and hardworking community was presented on the first European O.T.O. Conference in Croatia and even the country got on the esoteric map of the world. People were generally happy with the dynamics of the Body.

Having said that, 2013 will be remembered as our founding year, the one in which we managed to get on our feet, be heard and seen in the wider O.T.O. community, the year in which we established Work as our principle and assigned changeable roles to our active members. Everyone gets a chance to be heard in our little group of reliable and hardworking people, so we planned intensively with the individual involvement of those that presented us with ideas for development and growth of the Body. Thus, we set yet another goal to legalize the organization and settle the official status in order to gain more freedom in expression, especially in the endeavors of public appearances and promulgation of the Law.

As a noteworthy milestone, I would like to mention that on the 12th of January 2014 will be our one-year anniversary of Gnostic Mass performance, that will be celebrated accordingly and in the spirit of Thelema.

Love is the law, love under will.


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