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From the Editor, Spring Equinox Anno Vo

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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The improvement of Samekh, the quarterly magazine of the Secret Fire Oasis is spiral, or in essence, the headway does not stop with the completion of a cycle. This statement is especially reflected in the progress from the initial issue to the present, first issue of the second volume of the magazine. The applied method of science, with a unique aim towards progressive spiritual growth is already a visible element and an attribute of this small but immensely rich magazine. Everything that’s been said is resolutely based in endurance and the efforts to present content that steps out of the ordinary by its nature and advancement in terms of the theories, hypotheses and the thoughts expressed within, that continuously inspire the reader to seek and explore and even more so, rediscover anew truths hidden in the old scribbles. The adjective that best describes Samekh is “brave” – a magazine for brave magicians who assiduously evolve and transform on their way towards the Sun.

In the spring issue of Samekh, the readers will have a chance to meet, or better yet if they already have, to remind themselves of the brilliancy of some of today’s most bright minds of the esoteric stage and the theory of the modern occultism, such as Egil Asprem: with his Kabbalah Recreata: „Reception and Adaptation of Kabbalah in Modern Occultism“ – an elaboration in which the author focuses on an idiosyncratic modern, non-Jewish reception of the modern occultist Kabbalah or, his analysis of how certain elements of the Kabbalah were transformed by being given new interpretations and uses in the context of what is termed as ‘programmatic syncretism’ of modern, fin de siècle occultism; and „Magic Naturalized? Negotiating Science and Occult Experience in Aleister Crowley’s Scientific Illuminism “ – exploration on how “science” is used and what it means in Crowley’s Scientific Illuminism, with a particular focus on how Crowley’s emphasis on science led to a different regard for one of the other major legitimising factors in the occult revival: the appeal to personal experience. Further, in the evolutionary way of Samekh and its spring manifestation is included the brilliant Marco Pasi with his “The Modernity of Occultism: Reflections on Some Crucial Aspects” – a short review of the Anglo-American occultism, and his attempt to unveil the complex relationship between esotericism and modernity happening at the turn of the 20th century. And finally, in the minute selection made from a progressive myriad of authors, we present Jesper Aagaard Petersen and his extraordinary essay named “Megapolisomancy”- displaying the megalopolis as seen through the dark magical prism and explored in the context of its existence as an entity, separate and conscious of its influence in the greater scheme of things, in a way that will drive the reader to think about his/hers surrounding and actions through the witty and attractive style of expression interwoven in this remarkable piece. The visuals of this issue are in the safe hands of Cleone Cull, an artist and professor with a rich resume who explores the soul’s landscapes by creating a magical reality inspired by metaphysical, religious, alchemical and shamanistic materials. The constant transformation of her art is finally sublimated in the expression of the mystical energies springing forth from the sacred and shamanic nature where the scenery prevails once more, but this time internalized and painted through the elements of human experience.

By including these scientific, literary and artistic charms here, we hope that we’ll succeed in the attempt to enrich the start of the year, and perhaps even the start of the docosade itself, with the seed and germ of progress, naturally localized and focused on a rather smaller community of prospective magicians. Moreover we hope that we’ll contribute towards the crystallization of the continuously changing study-platform which is condensed within the margins of this magazine.

Love is the law, love under will.


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