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From the Master, Spring Equinox Anno IVxxi

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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

This year is my 10th year of active membership in the O.T.O.. My will is to share a few personal thoughts in this address for all present and future members of the Order.

I still remember the words of a former candidate for Initiation, who is now a Master Magician in the Third Degree: "To live with dignity out of my honest labor.". I know many people who cannot live with dignity out of their honest labor. Unfortunately, I know even more people who never get the chance to show that they are capable of honest work and earn.

Another Brother, a Magician in the Second Degree, properly characterized the social order in which we live today as feudalism, whereby citizens stuck with various banks loans are equivalent to the former peasant villagers. The result of this frustration that borders with literal existential terror in the majority is a full spiritual apathy and lethargy. I'd say it's even understandable why some of them are looking for some kind of comfort reaching for Christianity, Islam, or new age.

Thelema as a metaphysical-philosophical idea is relatively young. The number of our past successes is pretty close to the number of our mistakes, collectively. We are still mutually working only to lay the foundation of the Temple. Even in the most perfectly imagined system, the determining factor, as well as the weakest link in the chain is human imperfection. At the internal level, we’re yet to expect the temptations of dogmatization and distortion of the original doctrine, things that have too many obvious examples in the religions and spiritual teachings of the Old Aeon. At the external level, the decisive battles for life, love, liberty and light are yet before us. But that does not mean surrendering to despair in advance. With so many factors conditioning and restricting our freedom, I would like to believe that the system and the structure of the O.T.O. provides its members with the opportunity to fight, if nothing else then against their own internal shackles of slave mentality.

Last year, Anno XXxx, we experienced so many things for the first time: facing the untimely death of one of our distinguished Brothers, publishing the Macedonian translations of two important books, 777 and 111, attending a public lecture on Thelema and Magick for the first time in Macedonia and also for the first time conducting the Gnostic Mass with the help of our dear Brothers and Sisters from Serbia, and finally the two O.T.O. Camps in Skopje and Bitola transforming into Oases. While this may be characterized as the end of our beginning, we must not even for a moment forget where we are, and that is still not much further from the beginning. Before all of us stands some very hard work to be done. One of the biggest challenges of leadership is the motivation of those responsible for, because he offered himself and was elected to serve. Therefore I urge you to be brave and determined, persevering and consistent. I invite you to fix banal mutual squabbles and disagreements, to be true Brothers and Sisters in spirit and in body. True leaders do not create followers, but leaders, even more so within Thelema.

I finish again with the Master Magician from the 3rd Degree whom I mentioned at the beginning. When after years of pointless work for other owners he decided to start his own company, he ordered the software for material operations from his Brother, also a Master Magician, Engineer by profession who for a long time could not find employment. In turn, some of the Brothers and Sisters purchased some of the products with which he traded. I think this inspiring example contains part of the sense for the existence of the O.T.O. as an Order.

Love is the law, love under will.

Frater SiLVeSTeR

Spring Equinox Anno IVxxi

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