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From the Master, Summer Solstice Anno IVxxi

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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Our numbers are growing. So much in fact that we’ve even been criticized by some of our own that we do not discriminate whom we initiate and why (?!). And although we’re sometimes painfully aware that quantity is not the same as quality, still to all those Brothers and Sisters: Damn right we don’t discriminate!

Regarding quantity. Each free man or woman of legal age has an indefeasible right to be initiated in the first, or the Man of Earth Triad of O.T.O., i.e. the Degrees from Minerval to P.I., if he or she finds 2 Sponsors who will co-sign their Application. The meaning of “free” is simply “at their own free will”, “legal age” varies depending on the country’s laws, but the essential filtering factor are the Sponsors. These people are already members of our Order who will guarantee that the Candidate is serious and stable enough to potentially benefit from our system. The key word is “potentially” – O.T.O. Degrees are opportunities for various attainments, not recognitions of such. The Initiator may or may not like the Candidate personally, but he or she will nonetheless perform his or hers Duty, since it is the Sponsors’ responsibility to properly screen potential aspirants.

Regarding quality. Dedicated and hardworking Initiates have significantly better chances to utilize the full extent of this carefully structured Path for personal spiritual development. There are basically 2 things that fundamentally distinguish a fully developed O.T.O. Initiate from the so-called “profane”. The first one is hinted even in the preliminary, Minerval Degree, and it has a lot to do with discovering and manifesting one’s True Will. “Thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that and no other shall say nay”. The second one is gradually establishing certain degrees of control over the Elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Spirit), or as we choose to call it, “obtaining the five Powers of the Sphinx”. And at a particular moment one reaches the point when it is possible to offer unswerving service to the Order that has given so much without expecting anything in return. This is what it means to govern in the O.T.O..

The work we do is important. To paraphrase the famous Macedonian reformer, Dr. Krste Misirkov, “What have we accomplished and what remains to be accomplished in the future?” In a word, we now have a fully functional O.T.O. Body in Macedonia, the Secret Fire Oasis from Skopje. By “fully functional” we understand a Temple, regular (biweekly) celebrations of the Gnostic Mass, regular (quarterly) Initiations into Degrees from Minerval to the IIIrd, regular (quarterly) public lectures and/or members-only workshops, active internet presence through a website, blog and the social media (Facebook & Twitter), as well as regular (quarterly) publishing of this periodical. These are no small accomplishments having in mind they were done in less than a year, starting from scratch, by only a handful of people. But we’ve had help and can expect even more in the future. We can only hope that one day we’ll be able to return the favor and help others in their times of need.

By attending this year’s European O.T.O. Conference in Croatia (OTOK IV:XXI), together with members of the second (or chronologically, now first) O.T.O. Body in Macedonia, the Trinu Oasis from Bitola, we have successfully put the entire Macedonian O.T.O. on the world map, thereby establishing a very important communication network for future information exchange on all levels. But it was not all about diplomacy and PR. Our mission and vision have always been, right from the very start, to aim for excellence and adopt best practices, already tested and proven effective by older Local Bodies and more experienced members of our Order elsewhere in the world. OTOK has additionally raised the bar for us, in all conceivable ways. We have thoroughly analyzed our shortcomings, compared to those high performance standards, and formulated key strategic steps that need to be taken in the following period. These will require even more dedication and hardworking than before. They will also require better funding. But most important of all, it will take more than a handful of people if we’re to achieve our new goals.

What specifically distinguishes us in Macedonia from all other countries is that one of our Brothers owns a printing house and we have the unique possibility to print small circulations of important Thelemic books, translated in Macedonian, at an especially cheap cost. These editions are both hard and soft cover and we consider them paramount in promulgating the Law of Thelema. Other countries have already expressed their interest to transfer their printings here, and we will be happy to assist in all such endeavors. Besides the obvious benefits, this is also in line with one of the values we hold in the highest esteem, and that is helping the business of our Brothers and Sisters who own private companies, as much as we are able.

Lastly, directed to our members in Macedonia, in particular those from Skopje: the work we do is important. Whether you choose to participate in the work of the Oasis or not, be sure never to forget that we are writing new, more illuminated pages of our Order’s history in Macedonia, with each successful Mass or Initiation, with each new lecture or workshop, with each new issue of Samekh. We are finally laying firm foundations for future generations of Thelemites in this country. They will not judge us lightly, even from the perspective of this day and age. We have already passed judgment on our predecessors and it is far from favorable. But we move on, succeeding where they have failed, correcting where they have made mistakes and preserving what good they’ve endowed us with. Understand that this is not the historical-responsibility-crappy-speech. I wish I could convey to you as much of our inexhaustible enthusiasm as I can, but in the end it is, as always, up to you if you will incorporate yourselves in this important work. Our numbers are growing.

Love is the law, love under will.

Frater SiLVeSTeR

Summer Solstice Anno IVxxi

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