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From the Master, Autumnal Equinox Anno IVxxi

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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Although this is not even remotely accurate, for all intents and purposes our Local Body has apparently laid dormant throughout the hot summer days and now, with all those long hot days behind us and autumn on our doorstep, it is time to wake up. Please understand that it is not easy for me to write what I am about to, and I am literally having a distinct physical repulsion against addressing this issue that has emerged within the past few weeks.

The issue was brought to my attention by an email from one of our distinct members. From what I have understood, it was prompted by an entirely profane political affair happening in our country, which involved mass arrests of some individuals that, honestly and with one exception, up to that time I had never even heard about. It was obvious from the tone of the letter that the aforementioned member was completely frightened by these events and wanted to share this with me and our FSR. As a Thelemite and a member of the O.T.O. currently serving as Local Body Master, I consider it a matter of personal honor and integrity to never dismiss lightly the needs of our community and its individual constituents, regardless of my opinion of them, especially when they involve matters of property and liberty. But underneath the tone of honest concern I detected some seriously faulty conceptions that, upon further analysis, proved to be even more dangerous than the things the email was trying to warn about. Our member has openly suggested that we abandon all our work, discard all our accomplishments from the past year and withdraw from the public into some form of hidden and clandestine presence. These suggestions are unbecoming for an Initiate of the O.T.O. who has passed through the Second Degree, and indicate that the lessons taught there have fallen on deaf ears. Not only did the member fail to understand the important obligation he has taken upon himself with the Second Degree, but he was suggesting we all follow his example and do the same. I was actually caught by surprise and absolutely shocked by the sheer audacity of the suggestions. The O.T.O. and its members, by their very nature, are bound to respect the laws and customs of the country they abide in, following a strict Rosicrucian code of conduct. As Brother Kjetill succinctly put it in his article: “…we need to exemplify the success… through purely aesthetic means, be this living worthwhile and responsible lives as contributing citizens to our respective communities…”. And now we have one of our members openly suggesting that we go into self-appointed exile like we are some sort of antagonistic element of society. Needless to say, I was appalled, grievous and utterly devastated to witness such blatant distortion of our vision and mission, and all that coming from one of our elders in whom we placed so much hope for the future.

Completely unrelated, let me be clear: while learning the correspondences of Liber 777 may or may not contribute to you being an accomplished Magickian, it does not make you a Thelemite and is not a necessary prerequisite for becoming one. You are mostly left alone to figure out, on your own, what being a Thelemite is and what it means for you, but this process certainly involves acceptance of the Book of the Law and the Holy Books of Thelema (Class A documents), always referring to the commentaries of the Master Therion and not trying to impose your understanding of them unto others. Yes, it is that simple.

Initiation and the whole 93 Current is very powerful and can be a shock to the unprepared. Take heed at my warning and try to objectively reassess and reexamine your actions and behavior in general, close your ranks and fortify yourselves, otherwise we may yet see other, more serious consequences that will affect us all on a much larger scale.

Love is the law, love under will.

Frater SiLVeSTeR

Autumnal Equinox Anno IVxxi

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