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Frater Silvester: Of Will & Love

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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

External events, specifically those work-related, triggered an unconscious (and unwilling) internalization of discipline. The motivation was fear, in this particular case fear of losing employment, fear of potential financial consequences etc.. Me and my colleagues kicked and screamed, and there was “gnashing of teeth”, but soon enough, like all disobedient children after being punished, learned our lessons and fell back in line.

This is the exact way and method of the Old Aeon, where Hell and damnation served as powerful motives for spiritual strife and progress, with a vengeful paternal figure always ready to distribute punishment. At first glance, the New Aeon is much more difficult, because the nature of the Law is Love, i.e. aspiration, and the “only” perceivable threat to the eternal Soul is simply remaining where it is, in the cozy confines of objective reality. We are as unsupervised children left to play by ourselves in our sandboxes, with nothing specific required of us, or so it seems. No longer do we experience the sense of imminence like our ancestors did, and therefore we quickly abandon all attempts at sustained effort towards a particular goal, almost like ADD. That is only a partial understanding, because the so-called objective reality is precisely the very same Hell that our ancestors were so anxious to escape from. We already are in the realm of the Qliphoth, and all we have are our Will (psychologically, motivation) and Love (psychologically, aspiration) to redeem us and lead us to the K & C of the HGA. And so we train the Will, and inflame the Love until they are perfected, until we are perfected, and until we get so accustomed in using these tools that they become integral parts of us, extensions of our Being, almost like prostheses, that we may employ in accomplishing the Great Work. But Love is under Will, and it makes so much sense, because one can rarely attain by pure aspiration only, at least through this method.

We are in the business of training the Will. We are in the business of inflaming the Love. Based on the insights above, a generalization can be made that every experience from the objective reality can be fashioned to serve a definite purpose of training the Will and inflaming the Love. In this method, complacency and rationalization are our greatest adversaries. On the other hand, the bigger the resistance - the greater the struggle of the Ego to loosen the harnesses, and that is the mark of progress. It matters not whether we love or hate the process that we subject ourselves to, the only thing that is important is the intensity of those emotions. If we manage to elicit a sufficiently strong emotional response across the entire front of Being, we can expect full internalization and integration of the lesson, otherwise it’s just an insignificant event from everyday life that would inevitably fade from memory, unless logged in the Diary. Cold indifference, therefore, indicates that something has definitely gone wrong, but be careful – that is not the same as “spiritual dryness” of which spoke the mystics. Also, every experience from the objective reality can be fashioned to serve a definite purpose of training the Love. If passion and ecstasy are abandoned for intellectualization and psychologization, Love will very soon wither and die.

Love is the law, love under will.


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